The Club 420 Sailboat



About the Club 420

The 420 is a double-handed dinghy that has two sails. Named for the hull’s dimensions of 4.2 meters, it is one of the fastest growing double-handed dinghies in the United States. It is most commonly used for college and high school sailing. It has a simple, adjustable rig, which provides the capability for advanced sailing techniques for top racing sailors, while still remaining accessible to beginners. Classes are led by instructors certified by U.S. Sailing and feature a low student-instructor ratio. The coaching staff determines placement based on sailing experience and performance. 

Beginner 420 Class

The Beginner 420 curriculum is an entry level class for older students interested in learning the basics of sailing. This class teaches boat safety, knots, and boat parts. Students also learn basic maneuvering, points of sail, and the proper way to dock a boat. The course is designed as a way for newer sailors to learn at a comfortable pace in a team-oriented environment. The skills covered in the program provide a foundation for further pursuit of the sport. 

Intermediate 420 Class

Intermediate Sailing is for students with some level of sailing experience who would like more experience in the boat before progressing on to racing. At this level, students learn more boat parts and more advanced knots as well as developing the confidence to steer the boat on their own. We also teach seamanship and basic right of way rules. This course focuses on mastering independent, confident boat handling.

Advanced 420 Class

In Advanced Sailing, students learn sailing theory and basic racing. Students are also introduced to spinnaker and trapeze use on the 420 sailboat. Instructors teach advanced boat handling techniques, sail trim and cover beginning racing rules and tactics. By the end of Advanced Sailing, sailors are prepared to participate in high school sailing or  the summer race team.