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Captain Brian Earl

Captain Brian Earl

Sheridan Shore Sailing School and Sea Safaris Sailing School offer several adult sailing programs for those interested in learning to sail, practice already learned skills, rent or explore new horizons beyond our local shores. From certified sailing instruction or group and private practice sessions on our J70 (23’), J24 (24’) or J28 (29’) sail boats to renting and sailing with your own crew on our J70, we’re committed go getting you on the water in Wilmette. Taught by Adult instructors with Captains License and Teaching Certifications. 

Adult Lesson Format
Sheridan Shore Sailing School is excited to announce that all of our Adult Lessons our going to taught in conjunction with Sea Safaris Sailing School.  We offer basic through advanced skills including topical subjects – coastal navigation, celestial navigation and marine weather for children through adult.  Skills gained through our courses prepare students to safely sail small through large craft in and beyond their home waters.  Sea Safaris Sailing School instructors are all licensed USCG Captains and certified to teach American Sailing Association courses which upon successful completion, offer students certification.  We also offers refresher, tutored or custom instruction for individual or families to improve sailing skills. 

*In case of unsafe sailing conditions, we will reschedule earlier or later within the scheduled week if possible.  *Minimum of two students per session.

Beginners and Practice Sailing Instruction
Our Beginners Sailing sailing classes are 2.5-hour introductory session to bring beginners or those that would like to dust off their skills to the water. These sessions are typically taught on our J70 (23’ tiller steer) sailboat.

Sailing Skills Refresher & Practice Sessions
Is a 3-hour session taught in a private or group learning environment.  You’ll practice your tacking, gybing, downwind sail techniques, including Asymmetrical Spinnaker techniques.  Sessions are offered during the week during the day and evenings, including weekends. These sessions are taught aboard our J70 (23’ tiller steer sail) , J24 (24’ tiller steer), or J28 (28’ wheel steer).

Sailing Rentals Opportunities - J70 (23’ Tiller Steer)

After completing the ASA 101 and ASA 103 courses or private lessons and mastered the necessary maneuvering and safety skills to be safe on the water, one of our instructors will meet with you for a check-out session.  The J70 is available for rental days or evenings.  Rental time are offered in 3-hour increments - 8-11A, 12-3P, 4-7P.  The cost for the 3-hr session is $240. Contact Phil Serwich for more information.

Certified Sailing Instruction 

Basic Keelboat Certification is a 12-hour USCG Recognized Course comprehensive sailing education for basic keel boats.  In addition to sailing skills applicable to a Basic Keelboat, (23-30’) boat, you’ll learn the Language of Sail (part of the boat, sailing maneuvers, etc.) along with Rules of the Road, Federal Requirements for Sail and Power Boats (Lake Michigan is considered Federal Waters), Sailing Knots, Basic Navigation, Boating Safety, Lights, Sounds and Signals used upon the water and crew overboard recovery skills. Taught by USCG Mater Captain and Certified Instructor. This course is taught over a weekend (6 hours each day) or Week Nights (4 - 3-hr sessions 6-9P) 

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Welcome aboard! Sailing is a sport that requires physical dexterity. It may be necessary for you to move about the boat quickly and be able to make a step of approximately 2 feet.