Beginning & Advanced Prams



About the Pram Sailboat

The Vanguard Pram was designed to be sailed, rowed, or towed. For rowing it has built-in seats, which also double as buoyancy tanks. In sailing mode, the Pram features a molded-in mast step and a simple rig and blade package. The stable hull shape and bulletproof, unsinkable construction make the Pram a fantastic choice for new sailors.  The Pram performs much like higher priced Optimists, so it is an affordable option for camps and yacht clubs looking for durable "learn-to-sail" boats. Young sailors will learn essential trimming and sail handling techniques, lessons that they will use for years to come. The pram is perfect for sailing around the harbor.

Our Beginning Pram Class

The pram class offers an opportunity for grade school sailors, ages 8-12, to get a start in sailing. Students learn safety, basic sailing terminology, boat nomenclature, and sailing knots. The class offers on-the-water instruction where students are coached on how to correctly maneuver a boat, as well as trim their sails. Classroom instruction includes an introduction to sailing concepts, including points of sail, tacking and jibing, upwind sailing, and more! Children under the age of eight will be considered on a case by case basis. Students are encouraged to work together as a team during practice drills and cooperative activities and exhibit sportsmanship in all areas of the class.

Children can partake in one week of lessons or all weeks. Mixing and matching weeks throughout the summer is allowed, however consecutive weeks are preferred. 

Our Advanced Pram Class

The Advanced Pram class is for young students, ages 10-12, who have learned the basics of sailing in the Pram class. The class will begin by reviewing beginner sailing concepts, and will progress with more advanced chalk talks. The class is designed to solidify students' understanding of sailing concepts while encouraging them to begin racing in order to progress on to our Opti Race Team. This class is a great place for intermediate sailors to begin racing in a relaxed and fun environment!