Race Teams



Racing at Sheridan Shore Sailing School

Sheridan Shore Race Team offers students an opportunity to race competitively. The team uses Optimists and Lasers provided by the students, or 420s provided by the Sailing School. Participants in our racing program practice advanced boat handling, race strategy, and rules of racing. Students travel to many local regattas and, if they qualify, to national events.  

Practice is scheduled separately from other summer programs. Race team is taught by a highly experienced instructor. 

Race Team Information for Parents and Sailors

If you are new to this program, then the following will outline some key information to make this a successful summer.

The key ingredient in having a successful summer is coordination and communication between the coaching staff and the parents. The racing team could use your help in a number of volunteer positions, primarily involving help with travel regattas, including: coordinating transportation, helping us hook a trailer up to the van, car-pooling some of the sailors to the regatta, and chaperoning our out of town events. 

When the team attends an out of town event we will be staying at a hotel. Parents are responsible for this expense. The chaperon and the coaches will work together on finding reasonable hotel rooms weeks before the regatta. For some out of town regattas the host yacht club tries to provide housing for the sailors. As a chaperon you can ask for reimbursement for travel expenses (i.e. hotel, gas, food, etc). Reimbursement comes from the parents usually and in some cases in comes from SSSS. In addition to the hotel expense, most regattas the race team will attend will have an entry fee. These fees help the host club pay for gas for the powerboats, trophies, breakfast and lunch for the sailors.

The only time we will need chaperon's is when the race team travels out of town. When we attend an event that is further away than Milwaukee, WI we will leave the day before. If we do not have chaperon's for a regatta, we will not be attending it. A coach’s job starts early; getting the boats safely to the regatta, helping the chaperon get the sailors to the venue, and, most importantly, being on the water coaching the sailors. When the sailors and coaches get off the water at around 4 or 5 in the evening, the coaches like to have a break from the sailors. Please help your young sailor have a fun and enjoyable summer by chaperoning a regatta

This summer, we will be hosting the Wente Cup Regatta at Sheridan Shore which includes Optis, Lasers, and 420s. We will be looking for help on mark boats, parking lot and registration duties, lunches, and other tasks throughout the week. If you are available that week, June 27 -28, we would really appreciate your help. This will ensure that the sailors have a fun, successful regatta.


Opti Race Team

The Optimist Race Team is a summer-long opportunity for young sailors, primarily ages 9-14. Participants in our racing program study advanced boat handling, tactics, and rules. Students travel to many local regattas, as well as the possibility of travelling to national events.  Please contact the Director of Sailing for more information.

420 Race Team

The 420 Race Team is a great opportunity for advanced sailors, ages 13-18, to increase their racing experience and participate in several regattas throughout the summer. Participants work to advance their racing tactics and boat handling. Sailors travel throughout the Midwest, occasionally venturing nationwide to compete in the highly-competitive Club 420 racing circuit.  Please contact the Director of Sailing for more information.