The Sheridan Shore Sailing School Scholarship Fund


Sheridan Shore Sailing School is pleased to offer a Scholarship Fund of over $5000, which is distributed to a handful of students each year on a need-based basis. We want to thank the many organizations that assist with our scholarships: Beacon Academy, Evanston Sailing Club, Loyola Academy Sailing Club, and The Friederici Fund.

Scholarships are available for tuition, gear, and equipment. Our goal is to get as many children on the water in order to enjoy the lifelong sport of sailing..

The drive behind the Friederici Scholarship Fund.
Lake Michigan was an important place for Hartmann and Erica. Erica grew up in Chicago and always loved the lake. Hartmann grew up in South America, where he learned to sail as a boy, and moved to Chicago as a young man. After they married, the two of them often sailed on weekends, using harbors at Great Lakes, Waukegan, and finally Wilmette for many years. For them, sailing was a refuge from busy lives on shore, a way to celebrate friendships with the numerous friends they invited onboard, and a chance to get close to nature. The Friederici Scholarship Fund honors their memory by allowing members of a new generation to learn to sail on the waters of Lake Michigan. Their family is excited to continue the legacy at the Sheridan Shore Sailing School. 

The deadlines for Scholarship applications are as follows:

April 1st - Spring Season High School Sailing
June 10th - Summer Sailing School Program
September 1st - Fall Season High School Sailing

All scholarship applications will be reviewed by the sailing schools board of directors. If you have any more questions please feel free to email

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