Sea Squirts


About the Pram Sailboat

The Vanguard Pram was designed to be sailed, rowed, or towed. For rowing it has built-in seats, which also double as buoyancy tanks. In sailing mode, the Pram features a molded-in mast step and a simple rig and blade package. The stable hull shape and bulletproof, unsinkable construction make the Pram a fantastic choice for new sailors.  The Pram performs much like higher priced Optimists, so it is an affordable option for camps and yacht clubs looking for durable "learn-to-sail" boats. Young sailors will learn essential trimming and sail handling techniques, lessons that they will use for years to come. The pram is perfect for sailing around the harbor.

Our Sea Squirt Classes

For grade school kids new to sailing, Sea Squirts is an excellent introduction to the sport. Geared to kids ages 6-8, lessons offer close instructor supervision. Classes are short and fun, and are taught at an easy to learn pace. Students sail in the calm environment of the harbor, not on Lake Michigan, which allows for convenient spectating from the Wilmette dog beach. 

Classes emphasize the basics of sailing safety, boat parts, rigging, and basic steering. Students will learn in prams, which are ideal for small sailors.